Friday, January 05, 2007

More pictures, Films and Contributions

Pictures from Pic below. The last in the series may be too distressting to look at. For me, I see it as a great act of caring and kindness for Paul and Francis.

The Barckoopers wrote:

Hi, another sick with grief friend here. I lived in the flat below Paul and Helen for three years in Halifax (Canada) and they are both very dear to me (as I'm sure many of you understand all too well). I'm desperately trying to get a message to Paul, to let him know we love him. I just heard from them three days ago, too, so I am really struggling to even believe this. If any of you are speaking with any of their family, or Sherry and Bergen, or anyone, please mention (if you can) that Becka and Jim send every ounce of their love. Thank you.
- Becka Barker

My husband, Billy has been over to the place where the families are, helping in whatever way possible. He is relaying your message.

Polly said:

Helen was my friend, mento and hero back in high school. I loved her calm, peaceful demeanor and love for the world around her. I am shattered that the world she loved so much has taken her from us. Godspeed dear friend, you will be with me for all time.

Police urge witnesses to help them solve crimes/Paul Murphy reports

City's film community mourns loss of friend and colleague/Paul Murphy reports

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Anonymous said...

wow this is really incredible. i did not know helen hill but my friend did. i've been reading the life of this incredible woman and the love that is spilling from these pages responding to her death is really beautifully overwhelming. it is so strange to think that someone would take the life of another. it is so selfish. but new orleans is such a fantastic place. and i think this love and positive energy is really what we need. all part of the healing process. it;s like when all those priests and such got together to pray over the bermuda triangle, and then all those wacky bad vibes disappeared. we should all be doing that. just getting together and creating positive energy. anyway it's like the phoenix rising from the ashes, that is how i see new orleans. bc i love it. and it seems like there;s alot of us out there. love and peace to helen hill and her family.