Sunday, September 03, 2006

Violet's Blessing

I posted backwards, trying to get Ruthie Monday up when I could and now I am sharing what happened today.

My new little niece, Violet was blessed today. A blessing is a ceremony like a baptism, but different. Some nice things: People are free to wish great things aloud for herand then we all get to give her kisses. Momma Mandy and Daddy Jess go first:
Then after after Larry (Grandpa/deliverer of eloquent and emotional speeches) finishes his blessing, she is passed around for kisses from everybody.
It's a very nice way to welcome a little person into the world (Grandma Cheryl is clapping).

Preparation (excercising the smile muscles)for the ceremony with Grandma Peg:

Later, all tuckered out, she stuck her head in my armpit and slept while I talked to my cousin Jen:
It was a great day.

Ruthie Monday: Winks and Licks!!!

Finally got to a place where I could get these pictures from Ruthie-Caretaker Miranda*:



*no red-eye relief available...