Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pure, Ridiculous Cute-ness

Visited with my family this past week up in Nor'easter country. That means lots of pictures to post over the next few days of sick-sweet children for all those moms, pops and grandparents up there!


The Mama

Here are a few movies. Too bad that I keep forgetting that the camera I was using doesn't let me film vertically, SO......they are sideways. Vi is 18 months, so she gets the concept of Bye, but not that this is something you say to a select lucky few...usually, but not exclusively, to things with heartbeats. It takes awhile to leave places.

Vi comments on a Mess                                  

Vi Says Ba-Bye...to Everything

Going for a Ride


Violet Sings Softly to herself in the Car    
(and then sings along with my hoarse voice)