Thursday, May 18, 2006

Megacity and a Farewell for Kino Proby

Jess- dad plays in two bands, each of which played the night that I got into Portland, Maine. Ironically, he played at a bar called The Big Easy. Weird.

The first band to play is Megacity. Jess writes the music for this one. The members are all wearing Kino Proby shirts in honor of the band to follow, as last night was it's last night playing in Maine.

This is Kino Proby. They are tribute band to Kino, conceived by singer and song writer Viktor Tsoi, a fantastically popular Russian rock and roll star who wasn't favored by the USSR government. You really should read the history of Kinomania, it's a treat.

Russians from all over seek out Kino Proby and, some being original fans from the 80s, rock out like crazed nostalgics during the sets.

During the show, they were wearing black and I hate using flash so this is all I will show ( I swear, I'm going to get a Nikon D70 when I can, with a bounce flash)... If you want to see better pictures, go to the picture session on their website.

Their last show ever will be in Boston at The All Asian Cafe, on Saturday May 20. Jarlath, one of the creators and main steam behind the band is moving to Russia to be closer to the spirit of Viktor.