Friday, February 24, 2006

Welcome to the Mardi Gras

I am very happy to say that it feels good to have Mardi Gras. Many said that it was crass to throw the party, because bad things are still happening. Examples include the withdrawal of the cruise ships that have housed many people and the breaking up of the barge in the Lower Ninth, the loaded meaning of this gesture will be dicussed after the party.
But I say that there is a great release in seeing the satirical floats in parades such as Muses (my freakin' favorite parade) and Krewe D'Etat --pictures to come.

I know that I promised a certain someone a chicken story, and I have not forgotten --it's on my list for after the party.

Our evacuation host-family, Will and Siobhan have come to town to see Mardi Gras for the first time. What an interesting time for that experience. I caught a dubloon with a fridge on it...



(please forgive the quality -it was taken as the storm hit Oxford, MS and I had been washing out the worries over a drunken Boggle game.)

One last thing: If you are here, or ever come to Mardi Gras, stand beneath the I-10 overpass. The bands sound fantastic and the dancers try extra hard! See you there!