Monday, August 06, 2007

The Kitchen

I am very excited about our kitchen. It was a much, much later addition to the house, so it is sort of modern in its lines. We outfitted it with some stand alone Ikea kitchen furniture -the white parts of which will be painted a nice, bright color. Note to all: never drink and put togther Ikea furniture. Never. Not even one harmless little cocktail to deal with a no-AC work environment. It is a very easy process, but a nonchalant/overconfident attitude inspired by the cocktail will result in putting pieces that almost look alike into incorrect places and that royally stinks.

I am most excited by the stencils that I made for the walls. I painted these to about plate rail height and I like the way these turned out. Excuse the dark pics.

For lack of better materials, I used an old vinyl shade I had hanging around for a stencil plate.

Billy and I have always had a Chambers oven in our Nola kitchens. Someone threw this one out after the storm, and Billy picked it up of the street! Free! Now all we have to do is refurbish it and drag it in...

Ruthie Monday Orr's Island

Now them is some frickin' happy pooches. Check out the grins.

Hanging out at Princes while we get some clam chowder on Orr's Island

Beach day

Went to the beach yesterday with my sister Manna, Vi, Jess, my father in law Big Bill and his partner Soukha and B. Here are a few Vi-centered pics.

Manna and Vi (stars represent three sisters)

Manna, Violet and Me (photo by Billy)