Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Max: 1992-2007

We lost Max today.

Billy adopted him when he was about 16 in NYC. I met Max at St. John's College, when he came to live with Billy just after we met. When we were graduated, we moved to 426 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, between Nevins and Bond:

Our friend, Camille, stayed with us for awhile. She loved him well:

Many good times.

Then we moved to Windsor Terrace, near Prospect Park (17th Street and 11th Avenue). Max could play with other dogs in the Nethermead.

Everyone loved Max.

He went with Billy to Maine, to hang out with him while he studied for the bar exam:

Then we moved to New Orleans. We lived on Kerlerec between St. Claude and Marais. We were married there, after being together for seven years. Max was there.

On the levee, where everybody takes the pooches:

At the Treme house:

The day that we moved into the Treme house from Brooklyn (tired):

Halloween at the Treme house:

Evacuation, Hurricame Katrina:
Christmas 2005:

Carondelet, between Clio and Erato, the first house we ever owned:

After awhile, Max's cataracts became so awful that a dog who usually always knew where the camera was fled from the flash....

...and so daylight pictures were the way to go from then on.

Thanksgiving walk, 2005

We just bought our step-up house, where we will start a family, on friday. We wish he could have moved with us.
We really loved him. Goodbye Max.
I miss him.

Helen Hill Memorial Tree Sculpture

This is a rough sketch of the Helen Memorial Tree. I know that it's been a long time coming, but I have lost 2 friends and a dog this past month so I have been too sad and tired out to post.

Louise, Helen's cousin, has offered to be the person to whom all leaves will be sent. Here's her info:

"My address is

Louise Washer
280 Silvermine Ave.
CT 06850

email: lwmcf@optonline.net.

"Also, if people want to send straight to my mom in NOLA:

Teddy Hill
921 Dauphine St.
NO, LA 70116

Her email is teddyhill1@earthlink.net "

Donald Tully is the person who has volunteered to weld the structure, and I really think that it will be great. We will be meeting to cement details soon.

Lots of people have contacted me, excited to participate by creating a leaf.

I will post every so often as the project progresses to show the stages of development and so people will know the deadlines for submission and.