Sunday, February 25, 2007

Helen Hill Second Line Pics: Part 2


People made tons of cupcakes for Helen and decorated bunches of boxes to transport them at the Second Line. We all ran around giving them away along the route....

Billy passed out the posters

Helen loved Piggies and Chickens (and tea parties) so many boxes were decorated with them:

I made a stuffed chicken with an orange "duck"
tape beak that everyone liked to squeeze...
Noy! (Noi? never had to write her name)

Miranda and Kittee

Mo(e? All these only-spoken-names!)

My cupcakes! Miranda and I decorated them!
We made teapots, piggies, chickens and Helens.
I carried a stuffed pig cupcake box I made at Kittees

We all stood in line, ready to proceed while the band, Panorama
played super-sad melodies

Then the music became happier and we took off.
I tried to take an action photo while holding
cupcakes and while including myself. That didn't work out so well...

Miranda gives away cupcakes

I don't know these lady, but she did very well!
We all swarmed cars stuck at intersections to give them cupcakes

It was so fun!

Helen Hill Second Line Pics: Part 1

The House

The second line for Helen was wonderful. Tons of people came to march and there was so much to see and feel on the walk from Clark Street to The Mother-In-Law.

First off, there is the house. When we arrived, it had been covered by messages and decorations by friends. Here are some photos:

Inside, someone sprayed Helen's name on the Nola mural

Outside, many people decorated and wrote goodbyes

when people really started to show up

People plucked these hearts from the fence to carry in the procession