Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ruthie Monday III (Early)

As per Ms. Norma's request, I tried to get Ruth-Anne to stretch out beside the yard stick. Fat chance. BUT, I am an 8.5 jazz-fest-mudd-splashed foot is exactly 9.5 inches high. She is exactly one Nik-foot high. I will come up with more creative ways to show her relative size in the future.

She weighs 7 pounds...she has gained two since I got her on March 31rst. Her birthday is January 5, 2006.

It's Jazz Fest...2006

Time for good food, good music and REALLY bad fashion.

It is sweet, though. And the Cuban Sandwich bit it this year, actually. Sorry. Not enough pickles!
The Natchitoches Meat pies still rock, though. I bee-line it for that booth RIGHT AWAY. First stop.

Can't even concentrate on my husband while waiting in line for one:

Then I get the Rose Mint Iced Tea...which Miranda was kind enough to hold for me.