Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Krewe of Boo

I finally have the chance to post Halloween pics. Billy took all the shots, and next time he will be less shy and will get in front of the subject when he shoots the photos, but it was his first p*ssy handler experience so he was overwhelmed! His other very important duties included pushing the crowds back, keeping roaming hands off the ladies and alerting us to any horse droppings along the route so we don't dance through them or kick them all over each other.

The P*ssyfooters where asked to march in the first ever Mardi Gras scale Halloween parade (why we have not done this before I cannot guess), Krewe of Boo. Specifically, we were asked to wear black and dress as cats. I am not a "playboy bunny/kitty" kind of girl, I go more for the cupcake/burlesque look, so I threw together a furry costume for the event that expressed my view of kitty. I have finally gotten all the fur out of all the corners of my house from cutting faux fur to sew.

I was a bird-lovin' cat:

I had birds swarming over my head
on a pillbox hat, just over my cat mask

I made fur fingerless gloves and furry
boot covers and added a feathery tail

We were interviewed by WDSU about our thoughts on the parade. The news anchor was, er, drawn to the cat suit (Leigh sewed herself into the homemade suit right before the event. Needless to say, she didn't drink too much). For my part, I told them it was about time that we had a parade like this, considering that October is a big tourist month for New Orleans, and that we are a great Halloween town and we ought to be doing more to attract tourists in order to pump up business anyway we can. The guy seemed surprised that a cat-masked chick had a ready answer. I do not know if it aired.

Strangely haunting group photo

Random dance shots: