Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Needing Someone to Talk to in the Lower Ninth Ward

NPR did a story on Louisiana Spirit, an organization trying to reach out to those who need to talk about the storm and the fears of the season upon us. A man from the Lower Ninth -the part that has not been okayed for living, has just resurrected his house.

NPR website picture
The story: Emotional Scars Still Haunt Katrina Survivors

He rescued as many as could right after the storm passed, and currently takes care of as many people as possible in his area. He catches fish and gives it to the elderly.

He spoke of how empty the place is now, how he wishes they all would come back. Then he mentioned the two neighbors who died and cried, couldn't speak.

This picture was taken not so long ago, in his area. His house is an island.