Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ship Island Break

Billy and I went Ship Island this weekend.
You drive out to Gulfport, Mississippi and then take a forty minute ferry ride out. The dolphins jump the wake.
It's nice.

It was surreal, at the least, to leave the deserted, destroyed Gulfport downtown area and ride off into the gorgeous blue:

One is reminded of New Orleans and the storm even on the island, though. Walking in front of us:
WWNO announced today that Angelo Brocato's, in Mid-City will reopen. Good gelato and cannolis.

From far away, it looked like the gulf was an even more unreal blue than usual. Then when I realized the blue was that of the umbrellas, I immediately associated the color with that of all the blue-tarped-roofs everywhere:

Bloggiddy Interruptus

There have been large gaps in my entries of late, all due to the time put in on the creation of artwork and a new business. Finally, I have heaved up the framework for a half-way decent website for my new little art school:

Nola Luna Arts

Just so you know, I plan to get back into the bloggidy saddle right quick, now.