Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nagin's Fears

Interesting that I posted about how many churches are in the down and out neighborhoods of New Orleans, and Nagin spoke of the wrath of God raining down upon us... What to say about him and that statement? A little bit of the Bush possesed him, I think we need an excorcism.

As for the fear that he has of the black culture being lost to NOLA, this is a fear that gripped me in the panic of all that occured in the days after the storm. However, when I returned to New Orleans a few days before Halloween, I noticed a nice mix of cultures here in the city -with a little extra flavor to boot as we had attracted a hefty Mexican population looking for work. I hope they stay for good, adding to the mix of Vietnamese, Hondurans, Salvadorians, African Americans, African-Native Americans, Native Americans, Cajuns, French, Greeks, Irish, Italian*...all of whom contibute to the festive atmosphere of our poor little city with celebrations and rituals specific to their culture. And of course all us other caucasians/ caucasian-mixes who, according to Nagin, don't want this city to runneth over with chocolate.

The very next day after I came back, I saw a family of African Americans going into the Sav-a-Center and I knew they were New Orleanians because of the footwear: the biggest, fuzziest slippers that could be found here on earth. This is something that I have only seen here in NOLA and it gave me great comfort. Not that everyone walks around in fuzzy slippers. Just a good bunch.

I mean, check out that man's shoes in the picture above. Absolutely stunning!

Which brings me to another description of a comforting event. The Men of Labor always put on a second line on Labor day. Due to the storm, it was postponed and I was lucky enough, along with many others, to witness the re-opening of Sweet Loraine's and the emergence of the wonderfully decked out dancers of the second line, gettin' down to the brass band music of two bands. For those of you unfamiliar with the second line, go to the link provided below for more info. It's a wonderful tradition and it's back and it is not going anywhere, Mr. Nagin. There will be more! And tomorrow I will address Mardi Gras worries, you can bet your fanny that the Mardi Gras Indians will be back...

I will be posting more pictures of events set against the scene of our roughed up city on flicker as soon as I can. When you see the link on the side bar, check it out.

*If I left anybody out, tell me. I will make additions!
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