Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The National Guard is Coming Our Way

As the National Guard hurtles our way, we are thinking about them. I feel anxious, myself. What will it be like?

Yes, we are in a bit of a pinch, but that head-honcho-guard-guy talking on the local news (searched and searched for quote, sorry -help, anyone?) last night about how they will operate under necessity freaks me out. I guess I don't understand the rules of conduct between civilian and guard. I know what the cops are supposed and not supposed to do. That unknown scares me. The way he was talking sounded like parts of NOLA is being reconsidered as war zone areas.

I guess it just looked that way when the city was empty, but now, with five young kids dead in one go, it is important to act fast.

I just hope that with immediate action, rash, fatal injustices do not occur to counterbalance the murders.

I hope that all we really need is the presence.

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