Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pussyfooter Ball to Benefit Women and Children at The Metropolitan Center

For those who are not on my contacts list:

All are invited to The Pussyfooters Blush Ball...AT MARDI GRAS WORLD!

It would be so fun to go in a chick pack all trussed up in such a way that the mere breeze of our passing by will bedazzle all onlookers....

I'm just saying. I'm there. Anything goes. And it's for a good cause-a shelter for women and children from abused families.

Primping and juicing up at my house before the shindig, details to follow for those who wish to join in!

If you need a boy to dance with, pick one and take him too. But she-stag is fun, too!

I got tickets! Click here for them or email me. Don't click the pic - t'won't work!