Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So I'm Watching T.V....

So I was watching the television in my studio -in fact, I was watching Funniest Pets and People (no where near as good as AFV) and....THWUMP. Did I mention that my studio is ON THE SECOND FLOOR??!!

er, I think he just fell.

AAAHHHHHHHH! Invasion of Stinging Caterpillars!!!!!

The is convention for all kinds of stinging caterpillars at my doorstep. We have counted four different kinds. They hang by threads from the trees and I have to duck and swerve to get to my door...Then,. I have to unlock it. The door sticks, so I have to kick it....
And I also have to take out the trash....excuse the picture quality, the caterpillars were chewing so loudly and dropping so quickly from the trees that I could not concentrate.
I generally like bugs, but not right now. They are crawling into my bedroom and looming over my bed. I feel creepy crawly!!!!!!!