Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yay! Kiddie Mural!

So I have been really busy, and one of the things I did was help BUNCHES of kids create a mural (with partner, Rebecca Madura) on the wall of Laurel Elementary. It is located behind the building, on a corner (separate from the other couple murals)-along Annunciation street as you move uptown from Jackson Ave.

KaBOOM! is this really neat organization whose mission is t put a play space within walking distance of every child in America. Very cool. They are the guys who came and teamed up with a corporation to make this thing happen. There were tons of volunteers and happy kids.

Funny thing: the reason I became involved in this project is because a chickie (named Kirsten) who went to St. John's College looked up which Johnnies happened to be living in Nola and found me. She saw that I teach and contacted me for the project.

A couple few odd things:

  1. St. John's College only has 400 people (Freshman through Seniors, yes) at a given time in attendance. Small world.
  2. I live on Jackson Avenue and Constance. Around the corner. Small world.
This is Kirsten:

That's me, too. I am pointing out the photographer -Billy Sothern, my husband. I called him to take pictures once the kids cleared out. To Hula hoop:

That lady is one who I call the hula girl (or hula lady). She turns up at all kinds of events. I forgot her name (!) and she is Kirsten's best friend. They used to be in one of those circuses that was all about town a few years back, like The New Merry Pranksters, who floated up and down the Mississippi on a bunch of circused-out trash floaters.