Friday, February 17, 2006

Faceless Houses

As I promised Slimbolala long ago, I will finally post my series of faceless houses. He is my fellow Central City photo enthusiast and has snapped a few of these curious dollhouse displays himself. This entry has a bunch of pictures. Enjoy.

Apparently during the storm, the wind pried off some (or all) of a facade of a few houses. The houses pictured below remain uncovered and open to this day. In one such house, located on Prytania and Erato (in my neck of the woods), someone goes in and changes the decorations for holidays:

I wonder what they'll do for Mardi Gras.

And now for the ultimate dollhouse effect:

Tattered Drunkess

Somehow, this picture of sun-bleached, dusty old boas symbolizes the tired aesthetic of the French Quarter's wanna be bimbettes-for-a-night. Don't get me wrong, (though thoroughly annoyed with these folks before the storm), I am fine with the boas. Whatever happens in Nola,, no. But seriously, I mean, whatever floats your boat. Tickle, tickle, tee-hee.