Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Walk in Audubon Park, New Orleans

Dedicated to Pieter, who loves public city garden spaces.He showed me around some public green spaces in Leuven, Belgium.
And we saw ducklings.

So here is a park for you, Pieter:

So some people shot at the National Guard last night. Excellent. Just what we need. The news report snuck in at the end of the report that shots were fired "in the vicinity of the National Gaurd", correcting the earlier, more hysterical lead in like the one above. What is the truth?

I am sure it was scary, either way.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ruthie Monday XI

I have my computer back!


Life is pretty rough for Ruthie right now:


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pollywogs In the Pond

I just finished ressurecting my pond from the dead, as Katrina did a number on it. It had a ton of debris like asbestos shingles in it. As a reward for my work (emptying out tons of rocks and scrubbing it with a brush, replacing rock and all), a frog decided to help me out with mosquito control and left some eggs. They are now officially pollywogs:

I think I want to track development.
You know, they eat each other. There are hundreds in there now. I wonder how many will make it to the finals?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The National Guard is Coming Our Way

As the National Guard hurtles our way, we are thinking about them. I feel anxious, myself. What will it be like?

Yes, we are in a bit of a pinch, but that head-honcho-guard-guy talking on the local news (searched and searched for quote, sorry -help, anyone?) last night about how they will operate under necessity freaks me out. I guess I don't understand the rules of conduct between civilian and guard. I know what the cops are supposed and not supposed to do. That unknown scares me. The way he was talking sounded like parts of NOLA is being reconsidered as war zone areas.

I guess it just looked that way when the city was empty, but now, with five young kids dead in one go, it is important to act fast.

I just hope that with immediate action, rash, fatal injustices do not occur to counterbalance the murders.

I hope that all we really need is the presence.

Another view:

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ruthie Monday X

Just like a jinx! As soon as I said I would post more, my computer crashed! Got a back up up and running, now, just in time for the Ruthie post:

Problem is, I cannot lighten this... BUT the story is that this is our friend from college, Dan, who came down for a conference to see us and hold Ruthie.

It was great to see you, guy!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Needing Someone to Talk to in the Lower Ninth Ward

NPR did a story on Louisiana Spirit, an organization trying to reach out to those who need to talk about the storm and the fears of the season upon us. A man from the Lower Ninth -the part that has not been okayed for living, has just resurrected his house.

NPR website picture
The story: Emotional Scars Still Haunt Katrina Survivors

He rescued as many as could right after the storm passed, and currently takes care of as many people as possible in his area. He catches fish and gives it to the elderly.

He spoke of how empty the place is now, how he wishes they all would come back. Then he mentioned the two neighbors who died and cried, couldn't speak.

This picture was taken not so long ago, in his area. His house is an island.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ship Island Break

Billy and I went Ship Island this weekend.
You drive out to Gulfport, Mississippi and then take a forty minute ferry ride out. The dolphins jump the wake.
It's nice.

It was surreal, at the least, to leave the deserted, destroyed Gulfport downtown area and ride off into the gorgeous blue:

One is reminded of New Orleans and the storm even on the island, though. Walking in front of us:
WWNO announced today that Angelo Brocato's, in Mid-City will reopen. Good gelato and cannolis.

From far away, it looked like the gulf was an even more unreal blue than usual. Then when I realized the blue was that of the umbrellas, I immediately associated the color with that of all the blue-tarped-roofs everywhere:

Bloggiddy Interruptus

There have been large gaps in my entries of late, all due to the time put in on the creation of artwork and a new business. Finally, I have heaved up the framework for a half-way decent website for my new little art school:

Nola Luna Arts

Just so you know, I plan to get back into the bloggidy saddle right quick, now.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thank You

A thank you to all who came to my birthday BBQ!

This is an illustration by Ernst Haeckel
Special thanks for all the beautiful plants and flowers, champagne and such -and especially the BBQ, itself. Thanks to Kimble for all the nonsense gifts --loved 'em!
Love you guys!

I Won a Prize

For this drawing...I received a scholarship to attend the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art and I am pretty dern happy about it.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ruthie Monday VIII

Dinner Time
Billy Sothern feeds the pooches:*

Max, the camera hog (always looks straight into it) is a dog Billy rescued from a New York Shelter when he was a teenager.

Mabel was rescued from the streets of the Irish Channel here in Nola. She was running with a pack of really, really big, mean dogs. She was so tiny, I thought she was a crazy Chihuahhua who had no idea she was little...

Mabel = Basenji + Whippet

What I thought Mabel was:

Mabel a few months after I found her...looking less like a chihuahua, of course.

And of course there is Ruth-Anne, my little piebald** sausage dog.

*BONUS: a Slimbolala original, on the kitchen wall. Billy gave him an old-fashioned ice-crusher and Dave drew it. When B saw the drawing, he asked for it and D obliged...

**piebald comes from this kind of coloring on a horse:

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Got this conker last time I was in London. Showing Chris and Christian my new use. Guys: can I still play it if it's all wrinkled now?