Sunday, January 20, 2008

Change the Y to I and add ER

As if I was not busy enough...

I have started teaching art again at the International School of Louisiana (aka ISL). I started out there when the 7th graders were in 1rst grade, just one year after the school was founded, in order to start up an art program. I left to go back to art school.

I called in just to see if I could pick up a few hours and suddenly I am working every morning.

As most teachers (and parents) know, when you get back into a school building, it takes approximately three days to get whatever illness is smeared all over the desks, pencils, etc. The more involved you are, the better the guarantee.

Welll. Went in on Monday to talk things over. Started teaching Tuesday. Felt the weird itchiness in the throat Wednesday. Fell prey to the nasty bugger of a flu Thursday. I have been laid out FLAT -which never, ever happens to me since Friday afternoon.

This season's flu rrrrreally hurts. I missed Krewe de Vieux AND the ball!

Oh, well. Just have to hunker down and get my Cadiz Creeper costume ready for Krewe of Pals!

But more of that later.....