Saturday, January 06, 2007

Goodbye Paul and Francis, Helen


Update from my husband Billy, who has been helping Paul and his family:

Francis, Paul and both his and Helen's family will be leaving New Orleans today to bring Helen back to So. Carolina, where they will hold a funeral (though details are not yet solid regarding the time, size and place). Until then, Paul is resting with Francis.
Various ways of holding a memorial service or event are being discussed; more to come.

What I know for sure is that there will be an Enough is Enough! demonstration march, beginning at the Sound Cafe on Sunday. Please come.

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picture by Kara van Malssen


Anonymous said...

There's been a little confusion surrounding the march. I'm pretty certain it's Thursday, that Sunday is just a planning session.

Anonymous said...

Helen's funeral is on Weds. at 2 pm at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Columbia, SC. There will be a visitation on Tuesday from 7 to 9 pm at the Dunbar Funeral Divine Street Chapel, also in Columbia.

The march in New Orleans to City Hall is on Thursday, January 11. The planning meeting, at which "Marigny-Bywater residents and ALL concerned New Orleanians" are welcome, is at the Sound Cafe at 2700 Chartres Street on Sunday at 1 pm.

Anonymous said...

I am organizing

I will post all pertinent info about funeral arrangements there.

please send us your photos, movies, memories and I will post them.

I just got back from our memorial gathering in Los Angeles where many of her calarts friends were looking at her zines and screening her movies.