Friday, January 05, 2007

Tributes to Helen Hill



wide eyed innocent
describes her so completely
joyful, happy, sweet, always smiling Helen
she was so happy to get back here...
when i saw her last Mardi Gras
they had a postcard campaign for folks to vote
should they come back or not?
they opened their hearts and arms to this city
they had so much to give
but not her life, why? what good is that?
life is so precious, so sweet,
so well used by some, like Helen,
so poorly understood by others,
like her killer, like all killers
they won't read this tribute
they wouldn't understand it

Helen, i loved you
i loved your innocence, your spirit
infectious happiness in your smile
fly away, Helen
we will gather together
we will try to take care
of your family


rainerfloo said:

Helen touched all of us in Halifax who knew her - she was wonderful. This is absolutely sickening.

editorb said:

I am sick with grief. I'm not ready to say goodbye.

Cristin says:

some of her friends from calarts and such are setting up a website in her memory.

We'll be making a photo album, links to her films, as well as memories and comments.

the website is

Please send photos, comments, memories, etc to memory [at] helenhill [dot] org
to contribute pictures and writing to the memorial.

From me:

People are placing notes to her, pictures and flowers, as a testament to her spirit, love and energy, on her steps.

Below are some more pictures found around, as I cannot access my stock due to the fact that I am away from Nola, here in Maine.

Film Still taken from ROX #90: FAT

photo from


Becka Barker said...

Hi, another sick with grief friend here. I lived in the flat below Paul and Helen for three years in Halifax (Canada) and they are both very dear to me (as I'm sure many of you understand all too well). I'm desperately trying to get a message to Paul, to let him know we love him. I just heard from them three days ago, too, so I am really struggling to even believe this. If any of you are speaking with any of their family, or Sherry and Bergen, or anyone, please mention (if you can) that Becka and Jim send every ounce of their love. Thank you.
- Becka Barker

Anonymous said...


I will get the message to Paul or his family.

-Billy (