Saturday, January 06, 2007

Memorial Sculpture for Helen, Paul and Francis Pop

Photos by me, August 29, 2006

Calling all friends of Helen, Paul and Francis Pop:

I am looking for a welder who is willing to weld a big old rebar tree, with lots of branches in order to create a solid base sculpture. Then, I am looking for those who would create weather-resistant ornamants or "leaves", wind catchers, etc. to place upon this tree.

Then, I would like to have a gathering to create a beautiful collaborative memorial not just for Helen, but for the loss of a great family that contributed to the public well-being of New Orleans both through medicine, art and pure, loving spirit.

Ideas for the location include the neutral ground of N. Rampart or City Park. I would like this to be a very public dedication.

Any voluteers?

Please comment here, so people see who is involved AND email me ( so that I can organize the event.

Any takers?


Updates and more writings of tribute:

The Enough is Enough march will be held on Thursday; the planning meeting will be held Sunday.

There will be screening of Helen's films tomorrow night at The Sound Cafe, 7 p.m.

From Billy:

Helen's funeral is on Weds. at 2 pm at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Columbia, SC. There will be a visitation on Tuesday from 7 to 9 pm at the Dunbar Funeral Divine Street Chapel, also in Columbia. The march in New Orleans to City Hall is on Thursday, January 11. The planning meeting, at which "Marigny-Bywater residents and ALL concerned New Orleanians" are welcome, is at the Sound Cafe at 2700 Chartres Street on Sunday at 1 pm.

From bonadona

hello and goodbye im sure you would not have ever remembered me but you came to csssa and taught me how to make a puppet. you taught all of us how to make a puppet. at first honestly i thought it was kind of boring. and this may seem corny but when i saw how much you loved your work and how much you wanted us to love our work i saw that. i respected that. thank you.

From traveling mermaid:

What a beautiful tribute. My sympathies to you and their friends & families.


Anonymous said...

I can weld, but I live in Los Angeles. I would love to organize a bunch of us here making ornament/leaves, and we can send them out to you.

unfortunately, your email address isn't listed on the blog, so can you please email me?

cristin [at] helenhill [dot] org

NolaNik said...

I emailed ya.

Thanks. I think we have a few art welders aound town, in fact I am sure of it. They just may not be poking around in cyberworld.

Anonymous said...


I just came across the news about Paul and Helen. I knew Paul pretty well in college in the late 80s when we were both quite active in the Central America solidarity committee at Harvard. I have not seen or heard of him in probably 16 years when I read about this tragedy today. I would like to send him an email to express my condolences...I lost a loved one he also knew when we were both young men. However, I do not know how to get in touch with him. If you have an email address that I can use to send him a message from someone he knew a long time ago, would you please share that with me. My email is dlfox [at] umn [dot] edu. I would really appreciate it.

David Fox
Minneapolis, MN

Bess Carrick said...

I love the idea of the memorial sculpture for Helen. I would like to donate to this.

Additionally, I see that Paul's family would like donations sent to Doctors Without Borders. Which I will also contribute, too, and anyone who would like to stay at the forest retreat, ( please tell the reservationist that you would like 15% of your secluded guest house rental to go toward Doctors Without Borders and I'll send these contributions along to this extremely wonderful group in Paul and Helen's honor as well.
Bess Carrick New Orleans

Anonymous said...

My name is Donald Tully. I'm a local sculptor in the Lower Garden Dist. My studio is set up to handle steel fabrication. I would like to help design as well as fab. the memorial tree and base. I can start today if you wish. My shop has material in stock, but no rebar. Please contact me to begin the design process so that if we need to order material we can do so soon.
(504) 430-3622

NolaNik said...

Thank you, all. I will post a picture of the tree idea. The nagical tree post will have information on how to organize ornament mailings.

Mr. Tully,

Please mail me directly for easier visual communication:

Anonymous said...

Wonderful project. I have an idea for a location. Let's talk when you get back.