Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Helen Hill Memorial Tree Sculpture

This is a rough sketch of the Helen Memorial Tree. I know that it's been a long time coming, but I have lost 2 friends and a dog this past month so I have been too sad and tired out to post.

Louise, Helen's cousin, has offered to be the person to whom all leaves will be sent. Here's her info:

"My address is

Louise Washer
280 Silvermine Ave.
CT 06850

email: lwmcf@optonline.net.

"Also, if people want to send straight to my mom in NOLA:

Teddy Hill
921 Dauphine St.
NO, LA 70116

Her email is teddyhill1@earthlink.net "

Donald Tully is the person who has volunteered to weld the structure, and I really think that it will be great. We will be meeting to cement details soon.

Lots of people have contacted me, excited to participate by creating a leaf.

I will post every so often as the project progresses to show the stages of development and so people will know the deadlines for submission and.


Anonymous said...

I talked to the folks at FOLC about the idea of locating this memorial somewhere along the planned greenway.


They were very receptive. Of course there are many details to work out to make sure this is a good fit, but the general feeling was that this is a great idea. Thanks for plugging away at it. I'm so sorry this is such a sad time.

Anonymous said...

Nolanik (Nikki?)-- I started reading your blog because I am an old friend of Neal's & have been reeling. Through you, then, I learned also about Helen. I didn't know about your dog. This must be an almost unbearable time for you. So I am just sending strength & regards from San Francisco. I will be in New Orleans in April & hope to pay respects then to Neal (I have been in touch with Jelpi about this), since I could not get to N.O. or KY for the memorials. In the meantime, thanks for this place & know that you are not alone in all of this darkness, Sarah (my email is: tendrel@aol.com)

NolaNik said...

Excellent, Editor B.

Please keep me posted as the meetings and decisions progress, about timelines, etc. so I can pass on the info to all. I will post this comment on my next update.

Thanks for keepin' on.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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