Monday, January 08, 2007

Magical Tree Sculpture for Helen

Here is a coloring page that I created for my art students. In the middle of it is a magical tree with wysteria-like flower clusters that blooms at night in the middle of a swamp. I think that Helen would like a magical tree scultpure.

Double-click on the picture and you will see it enlarged.

This should help those welder/sculpture artists who have contacted me. As soon as I have an idea of how many people baseline will hang objects, we will have a better idea of the size needed.

Feel free to print out and color...


I need volunteers in different cities to gather ornaments to send in one bulk mailing. The address to which these ornaments are to be mailed is still being figured out (my house is right on the street and packages, er, have a habit of walking away).

Please email me with any questions:

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