Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update: Dave Eggers Comes to Town

I previously posted that Dave Eggers will be at The Garden District Bookshop Thursday at 6p to talk about his new book, Zeitoun. Turns out he will also be at Octavia Books that day at 2pm.

Dave will also be at Octavia Books at 2pm Thursday to talk about his book, Zeitoun.

Octavia Books
513 Octavia St
New Orleans, LA 70115-2055
(504) 899-7323

For more info about the book and author, read on.


Kim Hambric said...

Wish I could attend. Every now and then I visit N.O. through google maps. I sometimes cruise down Octavia street and covet the beautiful houses near the bookstore.

I read part of Zeitoun's story in your husband's book and have ordered this book.

NolaNik said...

Great. I am reading it now. Zeitoun is a good man and his wife is a real's shocking what he went through but more shocking that his attitude is still so positive.