Sunday, July 26, 2009

Billy Sothern Has a Blog

My husband, a writer and lawyer, has taken the plunge into the blogoworld. His is called Imperfectly Verticle and you should give it a gander.


J.B. Sensenbrenner said...

Hi Billy.

My wife Carol and I attended the banned book reading on Sunday at the Bridge Lounge. Friend Tom Piazza had told us about the reading several weeks before our trip. We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Later we bought several books and a DVD from Lolis Elie about Treme. I started reading your book on the plane trip back to Wisconsin on Monday. I thoroughly enjoy it. At the time of your reading, I did not know you were an attorney. The book really brings to light many issues that need to be addressed and resolved. You seem to be championing for the poor and unrepresented. My question is can the situation be changed? Can the system be corrected in New Orleans? If so, how long will it take? And will it require an army of people like you?

By the way, although you mention my name in your book, I am a different Jim Sensenbrenner. He is a cousin.

By the way my wife and I love New Orleans. We come down once a year. I lived in Metairie in the 70's. We love the city, the people, the music, the food, the writers and the general unique character of the area.

We applaud you for the important work that you are doing and the courage to write about the deeply rooted problems affecting many NO people. Please keep up the good work.

Jim Sensenbrenner
Appleton, WI

Linda Hallam said...

Dear Billy,
I'm a PhD student at the U of Florida and incorporating Down in New Orleans into a research project/journal article. I have a brief question that I would like to email you or I could call you if more convenient.
Please let me know how I may get in touch.
Linda Hallam