Monday, April 03, 2006

More Snausage Dogs

For Marco, a few Bassett mixes (These are Miranda Lake's pooches):
Mr. Whipple
Catahoola Bassett

Bassett Sumpin' Sumpin' Mix


Doglife said...

Very sexy photos - I´ve pinned them up in my dresser.

Marco said...

Great looking dogs!
We used to have a Bassett named Chester. We have Aldo now (there's a few pix on my blog), a bulldog who crossed with a lot of other breeds. A unique freak with lots of character. Ruth-Anne looks like she already has a good temperament. Her eyes say it all.

NolaNik said...

Thanks, I'll look for your pup on your site. As for her eyes, they are all David Bowie.

Oh, and to doglife: Snarf, thanks.