Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Buck Owens and Hee Haw

I was watching The White Bitch (explanation A, explanation B) on Saturday night and he dedicated his show to Buck Owens.

This is The White Bitch to the left.* AKA Michael Patrick Welch

Mr. Buck was a part of my little life on the mountain in Maine as a co-host of Hee Haw -a show that I watched religiously and which made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Did anybody else watch that show? I ESPECIALLY liked the cornfield jokes. Try one.

So this is my dedication to him.
By the way, aren't these jackets great?**

** www.top-country-songs.com/country-music-stars.html


Slimbolala said...

Hee Haw seemed to always be on when I visited by grandparents on the farm in Virginia. Yes it absolutely formed an important elemnt in my growing up experience.

Also, I mentioned in response to your comment on my site but I'll say it again. I've never seen White Bitch, but the first time I saw one of his posters was about a day or so after this little snot-nosed kid in my old neighborhood called me a "white bitch." The name has resonated ever since.

NolaNik said...

As I imagine it would, yeesh. The universe works in mysterious ways, my friend.

LLA said...

My grandparents watched the show religiously, and my sister and I would willingly and eagerly join in. There were not a lot of shows on in the 70's that had jokes that a first and a third grader could get. We loved it - and felt so grown up watching a "grownup" show....

Gloom, dispair and agony on me....