Thursday, May 24, 2007

Almost Quit

To be honest, I quit this blog two weeks ago.

I am just not getting to the computer enough these days to commit and well, I wasn't sure that anybody was actually looking anymore (due to my own spotty posting, of course).

Then I was at the Big Easy Roller Girls bout last Saturday, walking back to my viewing spot fresh from a receiving a pleasantly loud and good earful of the Bruisers,

The Bruisers, by David Olivier
(click his name. Durn picture won't post)

when one of the derby girls skated by, screeched to a halt and said, " Are you Nikki?"

I don't know how she recognized me, but she did- from my blog. She told me that she understood about my Little Edie Halloween costume (which meant a bunch to me, really) and that she looks at my dog posts. I was totally shocked by the exchange and kind of flattered. It is weird that people "know" me but have never met me. I am sure other bloggers have experienced this.

Well thank you, Sophie Nuke 'Em!
(picture from Roller Girls website)

Then a started t receive complaints from others about the eternal hot dog in the water post....

So alright, I will continue...if not everyday, at least a few times a week until my to-do list shrinks up.

I have actually been taking photos and will now post an installation of some from my experience at The Porch's (no website!) 7th Ward Fest last weekend, where I got super close to a bunch of Mardi Gras Indians. But first, an article by my husband on the subject.


rcs said...

I'm still reading, Nikki! Been waiting for you to post some racy renovation pr0n - gutting, sheetrocking, finish carpentry, anything!

BTW, was very upset to have missed the final BERG bout (Nashville trip, dontcha know.)

NolaNik said...

Thanks bud, Reno pics coming right up after the 7th ward series...maybe next week or so!

Slimbolala said...

Keep on truckin', lil lady.

Sarah said...

Nikki -- Please don't quit blogging. Ever since I started reading you when Neal died, I check in when I can from SF, CA. Visited NOLA briefly for wedding in April for 1st time. We want to come back. Love your photos. Loved Billy's "High Lonseome" essay (I even got the poster from a friend). Love all your dogs. Looking forward to Billy's book & your photos. We are reading you, keep the faith. Sarah xxx

Cameron said...

Hi Nikki...don't leave bloggy-town!

TravelingMermaid said...

Glad you changed your mind, I always enjoy your just needed a break. :)
Besides, it would be cruel to deprive us of Monday pix of NOLA's most famous dog!