Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Grey Gardens Halloween

Well, I forgot to get a picture -hell I forgot my camera, period (very worrying), but I DID go to Frenchman to Check out costumes.

I went as Little Edie, from the documentary, called Grey Gardens, about Jackie O's wacked out aunt and cousin, but only a few people got it.

NOTE: When you are walking through a crowd with a shirt wrapped around your head and nobody can see the pretty-splash-of-color-silk-nightgown you safety-pinned over your control-top hose, you get mistaken for a Muslim --which I found disturbing.

But it was worth it when people got it!

I posted a video on my blog for you all to introduce you to Edie, if you have not met her. Someone
made a nice little montage of scenes from the documentary set to a Madonna song.


Anonymous said...

I thought you looked stupendous. Billy going as Billy was good too. And thanks for the ride.

Steve Irwin

NolaNik said...

Why thank you. The sting ray was, although a terrible tragedy, perfectly rendered. So sorry for your untimely demise, I am honored by your contact.