Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mardi Gras 2009

I finally have gotten around to posting my Mardi Gras pictures! I am pretty freaked out by clowns, so I faced the fear and made clown costumes for Billy and me. The first set of pictures are of friends, the following set is of some of my favorite St. Anne parade costumers.
A French bulldog accessory.

Luke Allen

Abram Himmelstein and his money bone suit

Kristen and Lady Fox-Head

Dave Cash and Kittee Berns in their caterpillar-
themed (with a few horses thrown in) costume

More great costumes:

My favorite: BUNNY HEAD!

Upon close inspection, it became clear that this costume was made
of her rejection letters from literary magazines and other publishers.

A LAdy and Her Chicken Man

Chicken Fight!


Charlotte said...

Of all the Mardi Gras pix I've seen,these are the best! Thanks for sharing.

NolaNik said...

Thanks, Charlotte, I am so flattered!

Kim Hambric said...

What an incredible city -- a place where large chickens roam the streets. Thanks for those great photos.

NolaNik said...

it was a pleasure...