Saturday, February 28, 2009

We Second Lined for Ms. Antoinette Today

She was a generous and light-filled soul. She once told me when I was dressed up like a frilly cupcake that I'd make a good Baby Doll and I was deeply honored. I imagine she and Ernie are together right now in some way and that makes me smile. The thought makes today a little less sad.

I didn't take any photos today because I wanted to be fully present for the procession. I think this photo is by N. Sublette.


Melissa said...

I stumbled across your blog in the aftermath of Helen Hill's death and check in from time to time. I thought you might enjoy this piece from the New York Times about Antoinette K-Doe.

NolaNik said...

Thank you!

kittee said...

i am in love with this photo. i will never forget how sweet and nice miss antoinette was to me after helen was taken from us.