Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pussyfooters March Informally Sunday in Lyons Club Parade

This means we do all our dances in free style dress, which is fun to behold.

The parade is picking us up at The King Pin at 2:30 and we are rolling here and there and everywhere to end up at Grits, at a dancerly pace.

Come join us!

And check out this video of us dancing in front of Ms. Mae's:


Kim Hambric said...

That looks like incredible fun! I'm doing a (non)snow dance up here in the north.

I had been meaning to check out some post-Katrina posts on your blog & decided today would be the day. As always, when I read about New Orleans post-Katrina, I ended up in tears.

I only had time to read a few random posts & one I had to laugh out loud at -- regarding your obsession with houses. I still spend the occasional Sunday afternoon drawing up house plans (never to be built, of course).

There are terrible things in this world, and I think the destruction of a building is one of them. I'm glad someone is down in New Orleans saving at least one home.

Enjoy Carnival!

NolaNik said...

Thank you, It is heartening to see that people are still looking for information and updates on our city. Getting ready for the happy time- stretches from Mardi Gras to Jazz Fest, after which we settle in for a nice, 5 month sweat -the opposite of the winters I grew up with in Maine.