Monday, February 02, 2009


We spent the time between Christmas and New Years in Montreal. We had never been before, and the weather was actually warmer than usual for that time of year so we were able to walk around a bunch without dying of frostbite. The weather was gray, however, but that added to the mood of Old Montreal, where we stayed. People were wiping out left and right on the ice, which made me grateful for having acquired ice legs growing up in Maine.
We stayed here, The Hotel Gault, the entire time. We had the incredible luck to be upgraded to what equaled a small NYC apartment on the top level. Very nice, especially at the winter rate.
The view, below, was of the St. Lawrence river (hence the big boat) and of Habitat 67 which was built for the 67 Worl'd Fair.
Another view of Habitat 67, from Wikipedia

I kind of liked the fog:
On the waterfront, above. Pretty park at dusk, below.

Some things that reminded me of New Orleans: The ships seen from the streets and the horse drawn carriages everywhere in the old section.

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