Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back Home

To Family and Friends,

We have been back home since late Friday. The town looks relatively fine and we have been scrambling to clean up the yard and get the house ready to receive my little art students next week. Our house was secured thanks to the efforts of Billy's boss , Jelpi Picou, who ran over and nailed all our windows down as we had not repaired them all since we began the renovation.

Our giant Angel's trumpet looks like it was caught trying to streak from the bathroom to the bedroom, but it is still alive, even if reconfigured. And, who'd-a-thunk it but all our mint died. I didn't think you could kill that stuff.

I can't say that I can blog about the feelings conjured up by the scare, except in summary. There were tears, flashbacks, panicky-breathing attacks, wondering what the alternative life plan would be, etc. Your-run-of-the-mill-PTSD symptoms, I guess. That was not fun, but the first bruiser had to pass by sometime; it is to be expected. In the end we are very relieved and have a better grip.

Well, Nola got a much needed break from this one, but the rest of Louisiana got a thumping. A friend from Ville Platte reported that a tree fell on her folks' house, car AND boat, so put thoughts out there for them.


Rowena said...

I'm so glad everything is okay and Nola missed this big whump. I was sitting here in St Pete and it was predicted to go right over our heads and here I was with my two littles and no car. And then it swung out to you and I was holding my breath.

Oh wait. Which Hurricane? I can't even keep track of them all anymore. They all seem to be on the same line. Poor Cuba. I don't remember so many hurricanes heading this way, in all the years I've spent summers down here.

NolaNik said...

I was referring to Gustav but will post today about Ike. I am glad that you all are ok and missed it, too. I feel ya about the Cubans. Yeesh.