Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pure, Ridiculous Cute-ness

Visited with my family this past week up in Nor'easter country. That means lots of pictures to post over the next few days of sick-sweet children for all those moms, pops and grandparents up there!


The Mama

Here are a few movies. Too bad that I keep forgetting that the camera I was using doesn't let me film vertically, SO......they are sideways. Vi is 18 months, so she gets the concept of Bye, but not that this is something you say to a select lucky few...usually, but not exclusively, to things with heartbeats. It takes awhile to leave places.

Vi comments on a Mess                                  

Vi Says Ba-Bye...to Everything

Going for a Ride


Violet Sings Softly to herself in the Car    
(and then sings along with my hoarse voice)  


winnie said...

She is beyond cute. and beautiful. Send one without a hat so we can see her beautiful hair, Love WWW

manna said...

I didn't realize our voices sounded so much alike...in the waterways video it's hard to figure out which one of us is talking! Oh, and Vi keeps pointing to the attic and going, "Ninny!" I think she misses you!

NolaNik said...

AW! That's wicked sweet! I miss her too. Glad I got to talk to her on the phone the other day.

And HELL YEAH, we sound alike.