Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thank you, Karen Cramp!

A lovely Connecticut woman sent us the nicest compliment:

I’ve attached a couple of pictures of Billy’s book on our main display, front and center. Do tell people who are looking to get copies that their local, independent bookstore should have no problem getting it for them. Baker & Taylor and Ingram, the two big distributors to independents like us have plenty in stock. We get our special orders in two days and don’t charge shipping, unlike some large, unpleasant online places that start with an ‘A’.

It took me only two days to tear through the book. It was even better than I’d hoped, based on the wonderful op-ed piece he’d done for the Times. I do a lot of what’s called ‘hand selling’ in our business. I have a herd of loyal customers that take my word for what’s good, and trust that I know their taste and I’ve been so pleased to put this book into their hands.


Karen Cramp

House of Books

Kent, CT


Anonymous said...

It's sweeping the country! Longfellow Books here in Portland ordered 2 books for the store besides the one they kept for me, and they put them on the top shelf of the "new non-fiction" area, right at eye level. If they sell those I'm sure they'll get more.
Such an engrossing book -- it's been hard to put down. And it was good, in a terribly sad way, to see the dedication to Helen and Paul. I burst into tears, not expecting it as I turned the page. Shannon

NolaNik said...

Oh, good, I am glad that you like it. And we think of Helen so often, it is very sad.