Friday, April 13, 2007

Down in New Orleans

My husband's book is up on the UC Press website!

Yay, Billy!!!!!

From the website:

"Billy Sothern's Down in New Orleans illustrates, in very human and heartbreaking ways, how the horrors that emerged during and following Hurricane Katrina existed long before the storm. These beautifully composed stories not only reveal the dignity-and amazing grit and grace-of the hurricane's survivors; they also illuminate larger truths about the urgent issues of our day. Sothern magnifies the urgency of creating a government that really serves the common good-and a society that protects its poor and vulnerable."--Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor & Publisher, The Nation

"Billy Sothern is the only writer in the world who can simultaneously convince you that the forsaking of New Orleans is so much worse than you thought it was, and also that you should move there immediately. The smartest, most in-love-with-the-world book yet written about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina."--Rachel Maddow, host of "Air America Radio"

"As much as Down in New Orleans is a damning account of everything that went wrong after Katrina struck, it's also a deeply soulful and eloquent tribute-part paean and part eulogy-to a place [Sothern] loves almost despite himself. It's essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the past, present and future of this indispensable city."--Dave Eggers


"Post-Katrina New Orleans hasn't been an easy place to live, it hasn't been an easy place to be in love, it hasn't been an easy place to take care of yourself or see the bright side of things." So reflects Billy Sothern in this unforgettable insider's chronicle of the 2005 disaster and the year that followed. Sothern, a death penalty lawyer who with his wife, photographer Nikki Page, arrived in the city four years ahead of Katrina, delivers a haunting, personal, and quintessentially American story. Writing with an idealist's passion, a journalist's eye for detail, and a lawyer's attention to injustice, Sothern guides the reader on a journey through post-Katrina New Orleans.



I. Heading Straight for Us: The Days before and after Hurricane Katrina
II. This Could Be Anywhere: Katrina's Immediate Aftermath, Late Summer 2006
III. Personals: Departures and Homecomings
IV. Against the Ropes: New Orleans's Unlikely Recovery


Billy Sothern is a staff attorney at the Capital Appeals Project and codirector of Reprieve (US), which is based in New Orleans. He is a graduate of New York University School of Law and has written for The Nation, the New York Times, and Salon, among other publications. Nikki Page is a photographer, painter, and art teacher living in New Orleans.


TravelingMermaid said...

Oh my gosh! Yay Billy! Yay Nik!
Linking ASAP!

Cursed Tea said...

Your book looks fascinating - I'm going to look out for it at my favourite book store in New Orleans.

Thanks for writing about all that is going on here!!

I'm going to link you too..

Best Wishes

rowena said...

Hey, Nikki!

Patty just emailed me this announcement and I am so happy and excited for you guys. It looks like a great book and I can't wait to read it and to see your pictures. Seriously, no blowing hot air up your heiny.

I've been so busy and am sorry for losing touch. I just had another baby, so now I'm a mom of TWO! I am trying to get back to my artistic aspirations, though, and am so inspired to see you living yours.

hugs and kisses,

ps my neglected blog if you want to look at it: