Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Peas and Broccoli!!!!

I grew these!

I learned that you have to grow about two pea vines per mouth in your household (if you don't use chemical growth stimulants). I also learned that homegrown broccoli cooks up WAY greener than the store bought stuff. Of course.


rcs said...


TravelingMermaid said...

Yay for Nik! Isn't home-grown the best? I grew up eating only fresh from the garden veggies in the summer and fresh-frozen from the garden in the winter. My mom never bought veggies from the store. The good ole day - lol - I sound OLD!

NolaNik said...

Yep. it is. My father and grampy both grew veggies and such. That's where I get my green thumb.