Monday, February 12, 2007

Ruthie Monday XXXV (Finally)

Please find below pictures of Ruth-Anne and Olive, the Dappled Dachshund who inspired me to go run and get me one. Photos by Miranda Lake.


Billy said...

Nice to see a Ruthy Monday. Like the good old days.

TravelingMermaid said...

Awwww....there was a dauchsund at the SPCA and featured in Gambit last week. I called but he'd already been adopted. I'm biding my time, waiting for a small dog to adopt. I lost my sweet Izzy while we were exiled and I so miss a small sweet doggie in my life.

NolaNik said...

oh,no. I am so sorry to hear that. To lose a furry one during the e-vac is just too, too much...I hope you find a lovely, lovey pal soon!