Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Max: 1992-2007

We lost Max today.

Billy adopted him when he was about 16 in NYC. I met Max at St. John's College, when he came to live with Billy just after we met. When we were graduated, we moved to 426 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, between Nevins and Bond:

Our friend, Camille, stayed with us for awhile. She loved him well:

Many good times.

Then we moved to Windsor Terrace, near Prospect Park (17th Street and 11th Avenue). Max could play with other dogs in the Nethermead.

Everyone loved Max.

He went with Billy to Maine, to hang out with him while he studied for the bar exam:

Then we moved to New Orleans. We lived on Kerlerec between St. Claude and Marais. We were married there, after being together for seven years. Max was there.

On the levee, where everybody takes the pooches:

At the Treme house:

The day that we moved into the Treme house from Brooklyn (tired):

Halloween at the Treme house:

Evacuation, Hurricame Katrina:
Christmas 2005:

Carondelet, between Clio and Erato, the first house we ever owned:

After awhile, Max's cataracts became so awful that a dog who usually always knew where the camera was fled from the flash....

...and so daylight pictures were the way to go from then on.

Thanksgiving walk, 2005

We just bought our step-up house, where we will start a family, on friday. We wish he could have moved with us.
We really loved him. Goodbye Max.
I miss him.


kittee said...

so sorry nikki. i'm glad i got to see him last night and give him some loves.

rip max southern


Sheila said...

I came by the blog to see the tree update (I had offered to be an address) and I am so so sorry to hear about Max and Neal. My dog died last fall, so I really *do* know what you're going through. Sometimes it feels like it never lets up.

Anonymous said...

You had such a sincere face and a kind heart. Your sweet disposition made you so lovable. Thanks for being such a good neighbor and friend. I am grateful I got to spend time with you. Also, thank you for trying to be an inspiration to Malachai on how to be a good pet. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Your spirit will live forever.

I love you Max!

sbk said...

I am so sorry Billy and NIkki. Max was beautiful - one of my favorite dogs in the world. I am grateful to have scritched him so recently. What a month ...
Sarah K.

Slimbolala said...

I'm sorry.

NolaNik said...

Thank you all, so much, We have been relying heavily on our pets for serious cuddle-comfort and love during this screwed up time. It's so sad to lose the guy who has been through so much with us.

He was a superb dog.

I didn't think I could cry anymore, either but was surprised to find that I most certainly could.

Thanks Thanks for your words, guys. It feels better.

Marco said...

Sorry, Nik. It's been a tough winter.

Anonymous said...

Bye Max, definitely a cool cute cuddly dog.


rcs said...

Billy and Nikki,

I'm so sorry.


M said...

I came across your blog b/c a good friend of mine was a friend of Helen's and I check back from time to time. My thoughts are with you - if I were religious I'd say you were in my prayers. You have had a LOUSY month and I hope things get better from here. Congratulations on your new home and have fun "starting" that family. Cheers, from a stranger in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Nikki and Billy, I'm deeply sorry about Max.He was such a sweet dog.He always reminded me of a muppet.He stayed with me in L.A. for a short time years ago.He loved my cat but he nipped a few ex-boyfriends(they deserved it) I'm so sorry.Love to you both. R.I.P. Max Love,Lauren xo

NolaNik said...

Thanks Lauren, baby.

If it weren't for you, Max would still be submissive pee-er. You coaxed him into trusting the world after what those awful,previous, owners must have done to him before he landed at the Humane Society. Your love and patience healed him and made him feel safe in our family.

He turned out to be the gentlest dog who ever ferociously protected our family.

Karen said...

Nikki and Billy,

Max's sweetness comes through the photos.

This weekend at Neal's memorial in Kentucky I will sing a little song or dance a little dance especially for Max.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so sad to hear about Max. I remember those days when he lived at Munroe court...and scared the bejeesus out of the postman.


NolaNik said...

Thanks, you all.

yeah, Cameron. I remember he could jump as high as the top of the door window?! He would do this undulation-kick combo at the apex and bark and then boing right back up until the guy went away. Such a fluffy tough guy was he.

I have been crying for two days. OUr pets have really comforted us through all this crap, most especially Max.

TravelingMermaid said...

So sorry for your loss, Nik. I know how hard it is to lose a long-time pet.....well, any pet really. (((hugs)))

Aunt Irene & Uncle Doug said...

Sorry for your loss Nikki and Billy. We enjoyed the pictures. He was some lucky dog! Love, Aunt Irene