Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Neal Walker's Harmonica

Neal's fiancée and nephew were kind enough to let me borrow Neal's harmonica last night so that I could draw it.


Anonymous said...

Nolanik: Thanks for the beautiful drawing of Neal's harmonica & for providing this place for those of us who know Neal. Sarah
(formerly the Anonymous who met Neal through mutual friends who lived in Lexington & later doing capital defense).

NolaNik said...

It was a pleasure to spend time with that harmonica.

Anonymous said...

Neal grew up in a three-bedroom ranch in Russell Kentukcy with the Ohio River as his front yard. I knew him slightly through mutual friends Tommy Wilson and Andy Coiner. I am a local prosecutor who helped Neal's sister in obtaining a guardianship for their mother during her decline. He was well-thought of by those who knew him back in Russell, even those who did not agree with his death penalty position. One hell of a basketball player as anyone who ever tried to get a shot off against him at the Rusell YMCA can attest. Sympathies to family and friends.