Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monster Trucks on the Road

Has anybody else been seeing monster trucks on the road in Metairie? I sure have. This is the second one -the first scared the living be-jees-ums outta me when it shot four feet of flames out of the gate-door right over my hood. Couldn't take the kamikaze shot when that happened.

I think I would have lost my eyebrows but for the windshield, no exaggeration.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness,N. I am so glad you escaped with your eyebrows. Good thing you weren't in a convertible.However, if they had been removed, you would of been able to draw in whatever you wanted with makeup, no matter how you were feeling that day. Surprised, confused, angry, intense concentration...the possibilities are endless. Why is it that elderly ladies are always drawing themselves surprised? xoxoM

NolaNik said...

maybe surprise indicates eternal youth; as we grow older, perhaps fewer things are surprising?