Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blue Hill Fair IV: Chick-en

I'm- a-gonna get me a chicken for my yard as soon as possible. I made this impulse decision when I saw these two at the Blue Hill Fair. I'm sticking with it.

Aren't they purty? They are really good for eating bugs out of your garden and for fertilization. Just one, mind you. More would just be a little nasty on my little urban lot.

I want to build a wee hen house and get an egg a day. That's my dream. Just like my ma:


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Marco said...

Very cool. Here's an interesting factoid:
Q1. How do you know what color shell the eggs will have?
A. The earlobes of the chicken dictate the color of the shell (white ear lobes = white eggs; red earlobes = brown eggs).

NolaNik said...

Response1 (R1). Wowsa. What a wurld...