Monday, July 10, 2006

Ruthie Monday XIII

A Perk of Being Wee:

After a nice, long morning walk, Ruth-Anne doesn't mess around. She heads straight for the doggie fountain and settles in for a refreshing soak... I wish I could do the same. She actually turns around three times before plunking.

1. climb in
2. find the perfect place to plop down
3. Ahhh...


Anonymous said...

Terrific. The city should make big bowls for people. Also, her face looks older, less like a puppy. Still super-cute though.

NolaNik said...

She is getting bigger. But she still has that sort of, Duh...Wha? pup look in her eyes. This photo was taken when she truly was thinking Ahhh. She was hot!

Anonymous said...

That's great that your city has those thingies for dogs. Ruth-Anne is very huggable. Aldo's tongue comes out at the slightest hint of heat. His tongue is almost as long as he is!