Monday, May 29, 2006

Ruthie Monday VII and My Birthday

Today is my birthday, and my sister Mandy made me a lovely fairy.

That's my aunt Suzanne kissing it.

That's Manna behind it.

This is the fairy attempting to beguile Ruth-Anne.

This is Ruthie thinking about it.

This is Ruthie and the fairy sniffing each other.


Marco said...

Another Gemini, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

NolaNik said...


Hilary said...

Oh my gawd that's just tearing my heart out it's so cute!
Happy BIRTHDAY, Nikki!

NolaNik said...

Thanks, Hil! Hope you are enjoying the breezes off the bay up there!

cameron& matt &emmett said...

Happy Birthday!

NolaNik said...

Happy Birthday Back at Emmett! And love to you all, I miss you guys!