Monday, April 17, 2006

Ruthie Monday I

By popular request, Mondays will, for the time being, be "Ruthie Mondays". Apparently there are those who want to see her development, and I can spread the puppy love.

First up: Miranda and Ruth-Anne
(dedicated to Ms. Norma)
photo by Miranda
A little lagniappe:


ellen-sue said...

Ruth-Anne is crazy cute. When I lived in New Orleans I used to walk my chow, and the neighbor kids would ask, "Hey, what kyne dog that is?" So, I ask you, in local parlance, and cuz I really wanna know - What kine dog Ruth-Anne is?

NolaNik said...

She be Dachsund. Piebald kine. One of those minis they putting out now.

marcus said...

there need to be more Ruth Ann action shots in the world