Monday, March 20, 2006

They Be Home in a Hour

Central City

On Sunday, the Mardi Gras Indians came out in a vigil for New Orleans, calling people back with their drums. The neighborhoods are still empty and houses are falling down left and right.


Marco said...

I hope the people of New Orleans rise up and kick up a fuss for fess. He wouldn't like it either.
I'm not saying violence, but monstrous numbers of people getting together and....

NolaNik said...

That would be great. There was a demonstration against the war recently-the one held nation-wide, and only dozens of people showed up to demonstrate in the lower ninth ward. The setting, of course, was meant to highlight the fact that we need to deal with issues here at home rather than prolong the war.
The people of New Orleans are tired, and I believe that rallying around his music would be something that could get 'em out in numbers. Hell, we could do a series for different musicians that called this place home (physically or in the heart).

robotJAM said...

Really interesting post, its amazing how quickly the news moves on and forgets these things.

Nice job on your house btw, very brave to buy the original shed !