Friday, March 03, 2006

Friends First



John. He went to Shreveport and his talented grandma sewed him up a FEMA suit. Proper hems and everything.

He made the roof-hat

Denise (Lemieux Gallery) and Steve (Mat-n-Naddies*)

Zack the King Cake Baby

Dedication: 75 degrees and he wore a onesie bodysuit and the baldy skin.

Ana the Shooting Star

Alex McMurray the Canada and his friend...the crab(?)

Brokeback Joren (sp? never seen his name in print)

Brokeback Robby

Pretty Little Sumpin's Kate and Katherine

Mary T

It was great to see all our friends who ame back in from their new places for the party.
Until Jazzfest!

Bill and Nik A
Photo by Sarah Roahen

Bill and I, as usual, waited until the last minute to make our costumes. I was supposed to be a litter bug but only got as far as making the dress and saran wrap wings with a few bugs stuck in them. Billy was a Hazmat-Fez-70s-Tennis-Shorts-Wearing-Super-Hero:

Billy and Nikki B
photo by Dickie Bourke

*Denise and Steve were our across the street neighbors when we lived in the Treme. Matt & Naddie's catered our wedding. Sadly, a huge tree smushed the restaurant during Katrina.

Matt & Naddie's

Menu made by Hilary Howell


Billy said...

The weird rag doll creature with Alex McMurray as Canada is the stuff of nightmares! I think its a great costume but WHAT THE HELL IS IT?

NolaNik said...

I think it's a crab?